rsz_1data_securit_encryptionCloud providers are the most likely entities to keep up with the latest security encryption as most businesses with traditional onsite servers don’t use either the 256 or 2048 security protocol. Many times small business managers believe that they are already more secure than cloud computing. Managers who take this view, however, are mistaken since every single aspect of cloud computing trumps traditional computer support, not just the encryption levels. Here is a look at why 2048 is a more secure protocol than 256.

What Is a Security Protocol?

A security protocol is a set of steps that protects the data of two parties in a communications network that delivers data. It involves a set of components working together to make the network secure, using an encryption algorithm. These network security protocols define how the delivery of data process will be secure and maintain integrity of the data. It’s designed to block unauthorized users from access to network data.


A sophisticated form of encryption is known as cryptography, as a pair of separate keys are used in which one is secret and the other is public. These two keys are still linked mathematically. While the public key is used to verify digital signatures, the private key is used for decryption or to create digital signatures. Decryption is the process of converting encrypted text to plain text. RSA is a widely used type of public key used in cryptosystems.

Cracking the Key

An RSA certificate can be broken using very large numbers, such as one with 232 digits. Unlike a brute force attack, which tests all combinations to crack a key, a number field sieve (or NFS) can be used for a much faster and efficient hacking scheme. The three steps to operating the RSA algorithm are key generation, encryption and decryption. Cracking the 1024-bit RSA modulus would take you about a thousand times longer than cracking the 768-bit modulus, according to Lenstra. Furthermore, Lenstra claims that you would need a million and a half years to crack the key using a regular desktop machine.

DigiCert uses much stronger keys than Lenstra. Applying the 2048-bit keys in secure SSL certificates, DigiCert uses much larger numbers. Essentially, it would take over six quadrillion years to crack a DigiCert 2048-bit SSL certificate on a standard desktop computer. To put this concept in proper perspective, the universe is estimated to have an age of 13.75 billion years, which is one half billionth of the number of DigiCert’s key. Computer support in the cloud has never been more secure, depending on the cloud provider and the technology.

In all fairness, even though the 2048 security protocol is much more secure than the 256, it is a straw man argument when evaluating the security of small businesses. Since most small businesses do not stay up to date on encryption security and assume that the cloud is less secure than in-house servers, it would be very advantageous for small business owners to be enlightened by how far cloud security has come the past decade.


The cloud is a much more secure place for storing data than in-house servers. Many small business owners who have not studied cloud security still assume that stories from a decade ago about cloud security breaches remain representative of the technology, despite being far from the truth. Visit MCORE Inc to learn more about cloud security and computer support in Houston. The company uses 2048-bit encryption and provides state of the art cloud technology in terms of security, speed and savings.