rsz_1118852326_sThe technological world is ever changing, and companies running a website should strive to keep up with the changes, especially with regards to new technologies (like cloud computing) that would help improve the performance of their businesses. If you are looking for IT support in Houston, we at MCORE Inc. are there for you. We will help you in your quest to grow your business in a fun and enjoyable way — you will not even realize you are working. We are not a typical provider; we know how to have FUN!

Some computer consultants do not show their appreciation for the companies that allow them to present their cloud solutions. Also, they rarely even show some love for their actual clients. If you are a company spending a significant amount of hard earned money with a vendor, then you should expect some form of appreciation from them — even if it’s just a yearly thank you card (of course, even that would reflect an attitude that they don’t truly care about you).

MCORE Inc. is totally different as we are so happy that companies would spend their valuable time to listen to our cloud computing offer — and we always make sure to bring something to the party. Usually, we like to bring lunch for all the attendees of the meeting or at least a valuable gift card. However, we take that even further by making sure we have a cool event every quarter.

We are the only IT support in Houston that will ensure you have fun and that you interact with other businesses and professionals who use our services. On 25th June, 2015 we will be hosting a networking event at TOP GOLF from 6:30 pm and we promise you that this is the one event that you don’t want to miss.

This event is intended for all our clients and we are of course available to talk about our services — the effectiveness of our services and the impact of our services and also to discuss improvements — but the main purpose of this event is to have fun!

We care about our customers and take it upon ourselves to follow up and to find out the impact our services have on their businesses. During this upcoming networking event, our clients and prospects will have appetizers, free drinks and games. And for those arriving within the first hour, they will have free expert analysis of their golf swings. Remember, we have limited space, so you need to make an early reservation.

Be assured that we — your fun IT support in Houston — always go further for our IT support customers, who have entrusted their IT infrastructure in our Tier IV data center! However, you have to become a client to find out what lengths we will go to, to make sure you remain a happy cloud customer!