Our Cloud Workspace = Savings!

All businesses rely on an IT infrastructure for various aspects of their daily operations. A solid IT infrastructure ensures that your business runs as efficiently as possible. However, initial configuration and maintenance can be very expensive, especially for small businesses and start-ups. But still, small businesses need to keep up with the latest technologies in order to stay competitive. The solution? The cloud!

Not only will you be up-to-date for much cheaper, you’ll also save a significant amount of money:

No Server Hardware:
Once you migrate to our cloud workspace, all server software and applications will be moved into our data center and you will no longer be required to make a huge investment in physical server hardware. The ballpark price of on-premises servers for small businesses range from $500 to $5,000, but the dollar amounts can increase rapidly as more capacity, components and features are added.

No Server Software Licenses:
Our cloud services provide all the server software needed to make your applications run so you won’t need to buy expensive software licenses. An in-house server needs an OS and various apps in order to function; and just like the server hardware, the price rapidly rises as you add more software.

No Server Refresh Cycles:
The hassle and cost of updating on-premises servers and software licenses every few years will be eliminated forever with our cloud workspace. Whether you like it or not, your server hardware and software will become obsolete over time, and the cost of upgrading both can be as costly as setting up the server, if not more. Our cloud workspace eliminates all these costs, including your IT personnel overhead!

Less Expensive Desktops:
With our cloud workspace feature, the local desktop computing will now take place in the cloud; which means that you no longer need to buy powerful and expensive desktops. You don’t need to have the latest and greatest desktop computers to handle all the computing requirements of your business. Our cloud workspace provides the speed and reliability you have always wanted from your desktop.

No Microsoft Office Licenses:
Our cloud workspace includes Excel, Word, Outlook and more for each user! Count how many employees you have and how much it would cost to buy new MS office licenses for them? Now, imagine not having to spend on these licenses — including server hardware and software set up, maintenance, and upgrades — ever again; and imagine just how much you would save if you move to our cloud today!