Our Cloud Workspace Is Fast!

Speed gets your projects done on time, allows your staff to communicate and collaborate without delay, and increases the efficiency of your business’ processes overall. If slow systems are getting in the way of your business’ productivity, then perhaps it’s time to start using our cloud workspace!

How do we accomplish such breakneck speeds?

No downloading:
Our remote access is faster because it doesn’t pull your data across the Internet, causing slowness and exposing it to security risks. Instead, we run your applications and data from the cloud and you just view the information through a ‘window’. Think of it as like storing your data in a home community, and that it’s managed by the people of that community. This way, your data can be pulled much faster because it is kept in our data center.

More Secure:
The only information that travels across the Internet when you access your cloud desktop are ‘keystrokes,’ and all transmissions are secured by our 256 bit military grade encryption! Because your data is stored safe and sound in our underground data center, it doesn’t have to travel to sketchy places all across the web before it gets to you. And with our military grade encryption, you can rest easy knowing that you have all the protection you will ever need!

The Fastest Data Center in Houston:
In addition, we only utilize tier 4 data centers that have enterprise grade servers which remain state-of-the-art through rigorous technology refresh cycles! Tier 4 is the highest level that is given to a data center. A tier 4 data center meets all 1, 2, 3, and 4 tier requirements, which means it is least prone to issues, or, in other words, it’s simply the best tier level you can get!

Increase productivity:
The bottom line is that our cloud computing environment is just as fast as a traditional on-premise desktop and this fact can be a game changer for the productivity in your organization! Cloud solutions are generally designed to increase business productivity, and our cloud workspace is no exception. With it, your employees will be able to do their jobs easier, faster, and better! If you want speed, if you want security, if you want productivity, join our MCORE family today!