rsz_1virus_alertHouston-area businesses have not been remiss in noting the advantages of storing corporate data in online clouds rather than in private, in-house servers. The cost-effectiveness of this strategy derives from the outsourcing of most of the IT department to highly trained professionals and from the worldwide accessibility of online data. The reality of cyber-warfare, however, makes it imperative to protect all this valuable online information through the services of Houston IT support experts.

What Are Cyber-Attacks?

Any attempt, by an individual or a corporate entity, to steal, alter, or destroy digital data by means of illegally accessing computer systems or devices is known as a cyber-attack. Any business with data stored online or accessible through off-site electronic devices is under the constant threat of suffering from such an attack.

What Types of Cyber-Attacks Exist?

While there are myriad specific types of cyber-attacks that one could possibly face, five of them are particularly common.

• Viral Infections: The Internet abounds with computer viruses, and new ones are introduced with every passing day. These viruses not only affect individual Web surfers, but they can also lead to your business information becoming corrupted or erased.
• Trojan Malware Assaults: This occurs when scammers entice Web users to download seemingly helpful and harmless software, which then proceeds to infect the computer and steal or destroy data.
• Pharming Attacks: With pharming, a user is taken to a website that appears very similar to the site he or she wanted to visit. The hacker installs malware in the business’ server and uses it to automatically land employees on fake websites where valuable information can be taken from them.
• Spyware Intrusions: Spyware can be secretly installed on your business computers and gather critical information like passwords, user names, SSNs, credit card info etc. By recording keyboard keystrokes, spyware can steal some of a business’ most valuable data.
• Phishing Attacks: In the workplace, phishing often leads to employees unknowingly surrendering passwords to cyber-criminals they mistake for clients. Sensitive and proprietary data can end up lost due to a simple case of mistaken identity.

Houston IT support firms specialize in protecting local and online businesses from all of these types of cyber-attacks and more. According to a recent survey of U.S. and Canadian businesses, nearly three-quarters of respondents said that cyber-security was a main business concern, and a 2014 survey of global CEOs revealed that nearly half of respondents believed that the risk of cyber-crimes had increased since 2011. As hackers become more and more sophisticated, it is ever more crucial that companies enlist the aid of career-level, specialized IT support.


IT support for Houston businesses, in today’s dangerous online environment, is no longer an option but is truly a business necessity. MCORE is a leading Houston-area IT provider with a host of effective weapons to use in defending against cyber-attacks. Their experienced IT experts know how to use advanced software to combat viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware. They also have the expertise to ensure that your connection is safe before you transmit important data. Outsourcing IT defense to MCORE will free up employees to attend to their regular tasks — saving time, money, and effort. By contacting them today, you can become better equipped to effectively prevent, respond to, and recover from various forms of cyber-attacks that Houston businesses are likely to face.