rsz_14581943_sThe way that cloud desktops can make a Houston company more profitable is by making it easier for employees to work after hours. This is because the cloud allows the user to access the entire work desktop from anywhere in the world; and at a speed that’s as fast as sitting at the office. Even programs that only existed at the office and wouldn’t work on VPNs, like AutoCAD and Revit, are now available on Houston cloud desktops.

Companies can benefit a lot from this technology, because it:

• allows your employees to work from anywhere at any time, as they can access their desktops using different devices — regardless of whether they are in the office or not.
• reduces a business ‘ capital expenditure marginally as there are no recurrent costs of buying software upgrades or other assets. Thus, the finances can be redirected on other investments that benefit the business.
• has applications that are integrated in the virtual servers, thereby making the applications secure and allowing them to freely interact with each other.
• is secure, safe, and resilient, and is protected by an encryption which can restrict access to files, folders and applications.
• receives automatic updates that allow your IT team to focus on tasks that add more value to the business.
• stores all your business data in a central place – your desktop on the cloud — thus, you do not have to go through different locations to locate documents.
• provides a unique environment where employees are able to collaborate on a project easily. This is because it’s easy to share files, calendars and documents among themselves — ensuring everyone is updated on the progress of a project that they are a part of.
• has fixed monthly costs, meaning, the costs are predictable.
• lets businesses be at the same technological level. Thus, small businesses and established businesses have access to similar products, thereby creating a level playing field for competition.

To Work or Not to Work After Hours?

Much debate has centered around whether or not employees would actually work after hours on their cloud desktops. A study on after hours work life using connected technology shows that employees are already working after hours with the basic cell phone and laptop – there are two main reasons: ambition and job involvement. When you give those ambitious and highly involved workers access to Houston cloud desktops, you would have made after hours work a thousand times easier.

Of course, even when just 5% of your workers adopt a casual use of the desktop after hours, they will make your firm more productive, and that will translate directly into an increase of revenue. The after-hours workers will help you complete a project ahead of the deadline and start new projects much faster. This allows you to keep the extra hours (that were not used) as profit and make your customers very happy as you under promise and over deliver!

Houston cloud desktops are one of the best tools every business should be considering if they do not have it already. It ensures the employees are focused on the core business of the organization, which should be to make profits, unless you are a non-profit organization. Focus on making your business more profitable; contact us at MCORE Inc. to learn about how these state-of-the-art desktops can help you!