onsite-exchange-server-issuesHaving an onsite exchange server can be the cause of massive IT issues and aggravation, to say the very least.

If you are currently having issues with your exchange server, you are not alone. There is a need for increasing reliability and availability of email. Email is a business-critical application, and many organizations face challenges keeping it running — especially with shrinking IT budgets. Thousands of Houston businesses have experienced email outages with their on-premise exchange server.

Why are on-premise exchange servers such a problem, and what is the permanent solution?
Exchange servers have their own unique issues. The good thing is that there are lists of common exchange issues and solutions available to help you manage your server. One thing to note is that, if even one aspect of your Exchange Server environment isn’t set up or maintained properly, it can create a cascade effect that hurts your entire Exchange Server ecosystem.

Exchange servers “do not work well” with on-premise servers. Exchange servers that reside within on-premise servers have some serious issues: when the server is down, so is your exchange server, and usually, this happens at the worst possible time. This means, your own IT expert or an external IT company, will have to pull an all-nighter working on fixing the problem; whether you are a new company building an on-premise email server, or an established business with an existing on-premise system, you will need to invest a lot of money on hardware, software, upgrades, security, and dedicated personnel to manage and maintain your exchange server. On-premise servers often lead to overspending and unexpected costs.

Managing on-premise exchange servers is difficult because of the many issues that come with it. Even managed services providers have problems managing on-premise exchange, and many a migration to Office 365 has blown up in their face. One of the main problems with MSPs migrating their customers to Office 365 is that they tend to do so without taking the exchange server along with the move.

The permanent solution is to migrate everything  — exchange server included — to Office 365 and use its cloud because once you are up you will have 99.95% uptime guarantee along with the other benefits of cloud email. With your exchange server in Office 365, you, and your employees, can access email anytime you want to and wherever you are. Exchange Online is basically Microsoft Exchange Server, but the difference is, it lives in the cloud. It provides you with a cloud-based email, but with all the great features of Microsoft Exchange Server, and without the issues that come with on-premise servers.

Email is business-critical for all communication with your staff and your customers. You cannot afford to lose it. Houston businesses should migrate to office 365 and lose the hassle. No more email anxiety when you walk into the office.