no-solicitingIt’s fairly common for business people to be closed minded about looking at new IT support opportunities in Houston!

For the most part they are satisfied with their current tech vendors and look to them for advice.

However, could this attitude cause some to miss out when a golden opportunity comes a knocking?

All Managed Services Providers are Equal?

The other day I was on the phone with a prospect who stated that they would look to their current computer support provider to learn about any new technology changes.

After I started to reason with her she shut down and hung up the phone.  Of course, this attitude is very common among most business professionals around the country.

However, when I started thinking about what she was really saying, it dawned on me that she believed all computer businesses have access to the same technology.

Of course, the truth is that there is a vast chasm of differences from one managed services provider to another.

Differences Abound

One of the most fundamental was that a typical managed services companies vary is on the concept of a flat fee service.

There truth is that many computer consultants that claimed to be a managed services provider don’t offer a true flat fee and end up sharing per hour fees for a whole range of services.

However, if you continue to examine these companies then you will discover even more glaring difference such as fact that many do not include a disaster recovery system with their monthly flat fee.

Other companies have stripped down their offering so much that they don’t offer an instant help desk.

The Divergent Offer

Of all the alternative services that exist among the thousands of managed services companies, the most unique is that of including onsite IT support in the monthly fee.

This service is a real outlier as the vast majority of technology providers would never dream of including onsite support in their cloud services offering in a million years.

This is a service that could potentially save businesses thousands of dollars over their current service provider and MCORE is proud to be one of the few MSP’s to provide all onsite IT support in Houston.


The truth is that your current provider may not have access to the same technology or just may not be willing to make the best offer.

This is why it is imperative that all companies take comparison bids on their IT providers on a regular basis.

In the end, these very real differences could save your company thousands of dollars that could be used in more critical areas of your business like marketing.

So the next time you get a call from an IT solicitor make sure to listen and see if they have a golden opportunity for you.