rsz_1desktop_on_cloudThe way how business is conducted is constantly in flux. Over the past several decades, business computing resources have gone from being interesting innovations that “are proving to be useful”, to being integral departments in their own right, to being essential in staying ahead of the competition. Even industries that rely the most heavily on physical assets have come to realize that how they handle their intangibles, in short their data, can determine whether they sink or swim in the competitive marketplace. In vibrant and diverse economic hubs such as Houston, cloud desktops can give your business the edge it needs.

What are Cloud Services?

Although the term “the cloud” might seem quite nebulous, that’s only true of the concept. The reality is that behind the scenes are very serious hardware and software resources housed in secure environments. At its most basic implementation, the cloud is simply a very reliable and stable data backup service. In communities like Houston which face the very real possibility of catastrophic hurricanes on a yearly basis, this method is light years ahead of the old paradigm that involved physical backup tapes that were stored at remote locations.

The remote servers that host the cloud are transparent to the desktop user for all practical purposes. Hence, the term “cloud desktop.” Data, software applications, email services — it can all be handled more efficiently and securely in the cloud as compared to your typical in-house data center.

Which Houston Businesses can Benefit from Transitioning to the Cloud?

The simple answer is that any company that relies on data and data processing will benefit; there are very few successful ones that don’t, to some extent. Today it is virtually impossible to take care of invoicing, record-keeping, business-planning, and even running a marketing campaign without an IT presence.

Service industry companies are particularly good candidates. They rely on pushing and pulling data on the fly, often from remote locations. They must be able to log billable hours, check inventories, place orders for parts, and more. Furthermore, they often need the capability to do this not only from a desktop but wirelessly as well. Simply put, their Houston cloud desktop is wherever they happen to be conducting business.

A huge number of Houston businesses fall into this category due to the nature of the services provided, not just to the country at large, but to the world. Certainly there are abundant companies that rely strictly on retail and manufacturing operations, but consider the backbone of the local economy. Houston is home to one of the largest ports in the world. The Port of Houston Authority says, “The port is consistently ranked 1st in the United States in foreign waterborne tonnage.”

Add to this the petrochemical industry and the sprawling medical center. It’s easy to see how many service-oriented businesses it takes to keep all this running profitably. The most efficient way to keep these businesses humming is through state-of-the-art data services.

Benefits of Cloud Services

The traditional business model historically employed by most companies is the handling of their own data services, small companies with a handful of desktops and laptops, larger ones with dedicated servers. This has proved less than satisfactory compared to the cloud computing with remote desktop paradigm.

These services offer scalability on demand, a secure environment, a dedicated staff, and minimum downtime/maximum connectivity. The net effect of this outsourcing is both a reining in of your bottom line and the elimination of the headache that comes with constant hardware and software upgrades and license negotiations. So, look to MCORE Inc. for your Houston cloud desktop needs. You can also check out a related article on how this technology can help you become more profitable.