Houston Businesses that Are Afraid to Jump Into Cloud Computing May Already Be Standing in the Fire!

rsz_1fireCloud Computing in Houston is slowly becoming more popular as a number of businesses have begun “the” move. This is quite viable for companies and has a number of benefits attached to it. However, at the same time, there are some businesses that are afraid to make this leap due to the threats that are linked to cloud computing security.

Threats of Cloud Computing

There are disadvantages or threats related to cloud computing. These are due to the growing popularity and greater demand for as-a-service products/services compared to server based technology. Some of the top threats, as mentioned by Cloud Security Alliance, include insecure interfaces, data breaches caused when the cloud service is not properly designed thus allowing attackers to access data of the client and of the users. Data loss due to accidental deletion or malicious hackers is another threat. Another problem is account/service traffic hijacking which includes phishing, fraud and exploiting software vulnerabilities. Houston-based companies need to defend against these threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability of cloud computing services. There are risks involved in cloud computing, but with good security protection most of them can be avoided.

Before Jumping to the Cloud

Jumping to the cloud is a serious thing that can have a big impact on business. Houston businesses need to find a cloud storage solution that works at least as well as whatever system employees have chosen for themselves. This system needs to be the answer to storage problems faced by organizations.

In Houston, cloud computing still hasn’t been adopted by all businesses. Finding a cloud solution that adapts to your environment can be beneficial, as it increases the likelihood that you will see the kind of adoption you are looking for. If it is simple to use, people will willingly make use of it. For a cloud solution to be successful, you should have everything from controlling to monitoring in place. Lastly, make sure your cloud solution complies with the needs of your business.

However, it is ironic that the companies in Houston that have expressed fear of a total cloud solution are often already using programs like Gmail and Dropbox that are very unsecure as they are public cloud solutions. Such programs can compromise their data and expose their data to the risk of being intercepted by government agencies or black hat hackers. Either way, this shows that their data is not as secure as they may have thought.

Shifting to cloud computing has benefits like increased efficiency and reduced cost, but there are security vulnerabilities that organizations need to address and be prepared for. MCORE Inc. has partnered with major IT experts and helps provide custom solutions that are designed to meet business needs. So whether you have a business in or around “The Bayou City”, employing the services of MCORE Inc. will help you find Houston cloud computing solutions that will enhance your security and benefit your organization. They deliver expert services like consulting, integration, sourcing and support. The company has shown that it’s capable of meeting today’s needs. So make the leap to cloud computing with the help of MCORE Inc.