Does Your Current IT Support Provider Properly Communicate With You?

rsz_18094324_sIT is significant for the growth of any business today. However, it is realistic to conclude that businesses experience frustrations and issues related to IT. To prevent such problems, IT support providers need to keep good communication channels with their clients. In this way, business owners can understand the causes of the downtime and try to find solutions. Additionally, business owners will be more confident with their services. All this will be clear in the sustained growth and productivity of the businesses.

However, some IT companies misdirect blame instead of helping solve the issues. They do not lay down all the facts about the problem. This prevents business owners from making informed choices about the way forward. Problems with communication with IT vendors are signs that you need to change vendors. Some of the problems that arise due to lack of communication are:

Loss of productivity

Software inadequacy and downtime will have a negative impact on the productivity of any business and team. Instead of the IT Company being an asset to the business it becomes a liability. This means it is time to change the IT arrangement by searching for other vendors.

Communication frustrations

Communication is the core structure of any successful business. Emails are important but when flexibility and reliability is minimized, then there is a problem. The IT vendor should be able to clearly communicate what is required to suit the needs of any business. This needs to be scalable so businesses can develop and grow effectively.

IT provider ‘s approach to IT solutions preventative or reactive

The IT provider needs to communicate ways to solve the IT needs of businesses from a preventative point of view. They should save the business owners’ money through the creation of backed up data plans with the software and hardware. It should be done before the computers crash. Periodic assessments are needed to ensure there is no overload and servers are operating well.

Lack of disaster planning and back up

Has the IT vendor communicated whether the business is protected in case of a meltdown? What protection do they have in place, for example, protection against viruses or power cuts?  It is important that the IT team communicates on the back up planning that they have in place. Depending on their services, businesses need to be assured that their systems are protected.

When businesses have the above issues with their IT vendors, it is an indication that they need to change their IT support provider. No communication and lack of ROI are just among the few things that will make businesses change their IT providers.

When evaluating a new provider, business owners need to base their choice on communication, assessments and governance. The IT Company should maintain focus on the capabilities of the business that will enable the solutions technologically. The financial executives of the IT providers need to create value and cost efficiency. The two need to have a communication that will maintain the growth of the business with the relevant technologies.

Despite these problems with IT vendors, business owners need to know that there are great IT companies, like MCORE Inc., that are willing to work with them. MCORE takes communication with its clients seriously and has different ranges of services that it will use to help support, deploy, design and manage information. The experts in the company will deliver the services across the lifecycle of IT. They will include support, sourcing, integration and consulting. Additionally, MCORE has gone into partnership with different IT vendors. This will ensure that they develop IT support solutions for the needs of businesses to sustain growth.