Could Your Trusted Houston Cloud Services Provider Be Giving You Biased Technology Advice?

rsz_137239804_lThe Information Technology industry once commanded unchallenged respect among businesses that assumed everything they did or said was in the best interests of clients. To some degree, IT providers are still held in such high regard, especially for enterprises that have yet to discover cloud services. But what business decision makers in Houston need to consider as the cloud continues to eclipse local tech services with more cost efficient solutions, is that tech consultants sometimes recommend self-serving strategies that may not benefit clients.

Oracles of Technology

It’s easy to see why many businesses still use IT companies in Houston, without investigating the cloud. They simply have not been informed about the cloud, or worse yet, they’ve been misinformed by their own IT consultants because they assume they are experts who know best. Here are just some of the reasons why IT firms might “cloud” this issue with distorted facts:

•    the cloud is an efficient cost-cutter that can cut into IT revenue
•    IT consultants do not have a cloud solution in place
•    managers do not know enough about the cloud to ask the right questions
•    the IT firm employs personnel that lacks cloud expertise
•    the IT business makes commissions off expensive hardware upgrades

Helping Hardware Partners

Business executives who have used IT consultants for years without researching cloud possibilities, might not have given much thought to the relationships between network consultants and the hardware companies they recommend. While it may be impossible to research kickbacks or backroom deals that benefit IT firms, it’s not that far-fetched of a conspiracy theory that there may be commissions being paid for expensive recommendations. It doesn’t take that much research to find out that dynamic exists with lobbyists and politicians or pharmaceutical companies and doctors.

Myths About the Cloud

•    less secure than local server solutions
•    lack of customization
•    too costly to deploy for most businesses
•    unreliable backup solutions
•    it’s just a passing fad like most web trends

Many of the costs associated with advanced technology have dropped dramatically since 2005, when the cloud began to chop away at expensive tech services. Machine learning, for example, which is a form of artificial intelligence that predicts future analytics, is now affordable for many businesses. It’s only a matter of time before this type of technology is widely adapted by cloud pioneers at affordable costs.

For those who have not kept up with cloud technology, it is being rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes and government institutions. Some organizations that have already benefited from its cost reduction solutions include the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor. If the government can successfully use the cloud to cut down on wasteful spending, so can the business community.


Whether a business in Houston wants to continue running local servers with the help of local expert IT consultants or wants to explore cloud services, MCORE Inc. provides both solutions. As a company that’s now expanding its data center while encompassing a full suite of hardware and software solutions, MCORE is well prepared to offer customized services for any small, medium or large business in Houston.