rsz_old-movie-countdown_bModern businesses rely on technology for virtually every aspect of daily operations. From customer service to records archiving, computers are an integral part of organizing data. Information technology, or IT, support is a vital service to ensure smooth and secure technological use at all levels. Rather than hiring an in-house technical support employee, computer support companies are the preferred method many businesses use for their IT needs. Here are five indicators that this support is done properly:

1. Accessible

Effective support must provide availability, online and on-site. Additionally, a toll-free number dedicated to existing customer support ensures that businesses receive the technical information and support immediately when a situation arises. Business owners should utilize services from a local company with a physical presence in the community.

While a competitor in a different location may offer lower prices, the lack of accessibility is problematic. Even if the e-mail and phone service is superb, many technical issues demand hands-on service.

2. Experience

The most successful computer support companies have team members with an attractive experience record. Every employee should have an educational background in the industry, along with years of service in the technology field. Educational knowledge coupled with a practical background in troubleshooting technical issues provides the ideal combination for an IT support member.

Though many people today have some computer skills due to personal interests, this is inadequate for company service. Reliance upon the manufacturer or retail outlet helplines is equally insufficient for the same reason. Lost data, broken equipment and other hazards result from inexperienced help.

3. Proper Data Backup

Business data requires regular backup, preferably in a separate location, such as a cloud service. The files regarding employees, customers and business connections are invaluable to any company. These files and other data, such as accounting and current projects need proper regulated attention.

Otherwise, these essential documents, graphics and programs are at risk. It is an unavoidable fact of life that computers crash and natural disasters occur. Without a professional consultant arranging for data backup, it is possible that the technology storing all of the files related to a company can be lost forever. Those with limited IT knowledge may unwittingly believe that proper backup methods have been employed, only to discover their error too late.

4. Proactive Security and Protection

Most business owners think that large corporations are the main targets of hackers, and that their own small-to-medium sized business is safe. However, an IT consultant recognizes this fallacy and takes steps to protect business systems from security breaches. By analyzing and updating security measures on a scheduled basis, these experts close the gap for potential invasions.

Without these implementations, viruses, malware and spyware may infect a system undetected. Sensitive information regarding the business, its partners and customers may be collected, tracked or used in otherwise unscrupulous manners. These threats are serious and can compromise the entire operation.

5. Integration and Training

In order for new technology to be used properly, it is crucial that all necessary staff members understand the features — and benefit from using it. An IT consultant will provide efficient and effective training so employees make the most of these investments. New hardware and software, as well as upgrades to existing pieces should simplify operations and save the business money once properly implemented. The funds invested in upgrades and lost hours of productivity reduce profits and lower morale.

Incomplete training leads to multiple problems, including data errors and wasted time reviewing the latest technology additions.

Ensure that your business technology is competitive with superior hardware and software service — a good computer support company is able to provide both. Contact MCORE today for a professional consultation.