rsz_1cloud_historyCloud Computing, What Is It?

In cloud computing, computer resources are accessed over the Internet. Cloud service providers set-up and take care of maintenance for the computer equipment and network hardware needed for cloud services. The resources are virtual because the user does not need any extra hardware or computer devices. Instead, users buy the resources they need and connect through the Internet. Houston cloud computing providers such as MCORE Inc. provide paying users with increased capacity and computer capabilities; and all that is needed is an Internet connection.

Major Events in the History of the Cloud

One of the major events in the history of cloud computing was in 1999. started to deliver enterprise applications through a website. By doing this, Salesforce cleared a path for software companies to provide their services to Internet users.

In 2002, Amazon Web Services started Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon Turk provided users with more services that were cloud based. These services included data storage, computing and human intelligence. This was one of the first cloud providers similar to what we have today.

In 2006 Amazon again made history by providing the first real wide spread publically accessible cloud infrastructure. This was known as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) where the public and small business owners could pay and rent computers — allowing them to run any software they need.

The Future

Industry focused clouds are predicted to be utilized. Some industries need certain technology and resources. Businesses such as IT providers, mobile phone providers, and even health-care, will utilize clouds made specifically for them and their environment. This makes a more streamlined and efficient system for each industry to use.

The cloud is complex and security needs to be able to protect any kind of data from leaks and hackers. The hardware and software used must be modern and efficient and able to quickly handle work-loads.

Up to Date Cloud IT Providers

A provider of cloud IT services must stay up to date on technology to protect against security threats. Otherwise, any information accessed through a cloud will become compromised.

Many businesses are looking to enhance themselves and grow. Competition may get fierce among cloud providers. Those who don’t take the initiative will surely get left in the dust by those who employ more modern technology.

Cloud Providers Help Houston Businesses

Houston cloud computing providers offer many ways for businesses to grow and reach for their potential. They provide a whole cloud network for far cheaper than building even a small business in-house network. Businesses don’t need to plan for floor space, IT staff, utility bills and hardware, only their own computers and Internet connection. The needed resources are accessible through remote desktop and the cloud.

Businesses in Houston can easily outsource work and pay less. There isn’t the need to have everyone in one building, they can be located across the globe but are still able to access the company’s data systems using remote desktop cloud computing.

By using the cloud, a business can start new applications much quicker and cheaper. There is no need for setting-up and configuring the app because they are ready to go on the cloud. Resources are quick and easy to either cut-back or provision more, depending on how much is needed.

Cloud computing in Houston is the future for local businesses. Don’t be left behind because you’re unsure of modern technology. Talk to a professional and full-service cloud provider, talk to MCORE today. Please visit our homepage/ to know more about how cloud technology can help make your business ready for the future!