rsz_1help_desk_on_blackboard-204x146Whether they’re the main IT support firm in Houston or whether they’re just starting out, there are elements to help desk software that every IT provider can benefit from.

Managing Workflow

As tickets are entered into help desk software, providers can track who picks up the jobs and who is capable of finding solutions to specific problems. If they can focus their workforce on specific tasks as they come in they can increase the efficiency and better manage the workflow throughout the day.

Incident Management

Carrying on from managing workflow, using help desk software gives the ability to properly manage incidents as they occur to IT providers. Assessing tasks and incidents, categorizing them and assigning them as appropriate is all part of efficient use of the help desk software.

Accurate Reporting and Tracking

With help desk, an IT provider can create accurate reports and build a real and comprehensive idea of the stresses and strains on the IT team. From there, they can focus on retraining staff in companies to avoid hot button issues before they even reach the IT team. An IT provider can also train their technicians to expect certain issues that come up more frequently and have them ready to deal with repeat problems as quickly as possible. With proper reporting and issue tracking, it’s highly likely that the IT provider can proactively fix major problems in a company’s systems and networks, as well as prevent any further instances from occurring in the future.

Remote Access

Using help desk software gives an IT provider access to comprehensive remote access tools. These are integral when it comes to maintaining a company’s IT systems, as it means MSPs don’t necessarily need to spend the time and money getting someone out to fix a myriad of small issues that can be fixed quickly and efficiently from a remote station. In short, the business can be anywhere in Houston, and IT support can be done at the providers location. Even when on the phone with an employee trying to explain an issue, being able to get hands on with a system means a lengthy explanation can often be switched out for an instant fix.


Security is paramount in all things IT. And security is really paramount in all things business and with an ever increasing risk of cyber-attack and technology theft, security has never been more important. Using help desk software properly gives an IT provider a top down view of an IT system and allows complete control over the ebb and flow of the system. With help desk, a savvy IT provider can orchestrate access to users and customers alike and make sure that any important or sensitive areas of the system remain private and safe. Using help desk software gives them a much more manageable means of controlling all this and keeping track of any changes that may occur, or may affect the system.

Looking for an IT firm?

If you’re looking for IT support in Houston, make sure that the one you choose gives as much importance to its help desk as it does to its offerings. This is because their help desk is your first line of support, or even the lifeline of your business! And a good provider understands this. So choose one that really cares about your business and its unique needs — consider MCORE Inc. MCORE is an expert in handling all levels of support and they are ready to develop innovative and tailored solutions to your needs. Call them through 844-546-2673 for more information, or if you want to learn more about why you need a provider with an efficient help desk!